De La Salle College

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A leading independent Catholic College with over 1,150 students and 115 academic staff, De La Salle College has been proudly educating young men for over a century. When the College was beginning to feel the impact of ageing technology, they identified the need to create a digital shift across their academic staff and students. At the time, they were running some older systems, and the College had tried a BYOD program and a NetBook rollout. However, the staff and students needed more reliable devices that were appropriate to the curriculum. They needed consistent, reliable access to technology, and BYOD wasn’t enough. The College wanted to build confidence by getting the devices reliably in their staff and students’ hands and positively impact learning at the College. To gain the enhanced learning opportunities that the College wanted, De La Salle knew they had to embark on a large-scale change management program.

To learn more about their ICT transformation journey and the Trident partnership, download the case study here.

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