Ensuring a safe and productive return to the classroom

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Are you ready to meet the demands of modern learning? As schools start welcoming students back to a more stable learning environment, creating a safe and seamless experience is key. From protecting the health of your students and educators to making sure your IT infrastructure can handle the proliferation of devices, there are plenty of ways you can set your school up for success. Below are our top tips for ensuring a safe and productive return to the classroom in 2021 and beyond.

Meeting Australian Government guidelines 

First things first, your school will need to adhere to the Australian Government guidelines that have been put in place to protect students, educators and the wider community. These include:  

  • Physical distancing 
  • Risks to vulnerable populations in school  
  • Maintaining hygiene 
  • Environmental cleaning 
  • Psychological well-being 

Keeping your school safe the smart way 

To mitigate the risk of infection and meet Government guidelines, your school needs to be able to consistently follow effective health and safety measures. As we’ve seen across the nation and around the world, a critical part of this is using contact tracing technology. 

 As an Aruba Gold partner, our experts help schools implement accurate and rigorous contact tracing  that works rapidly to keep students and staff safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19. On top of providing valuable contact tracing, Aruba’s Wi-Fi and location services also help optimise social distancing with density mapping so that you can keep on top of traffic patterns and minimise risk. 

With students moving quickly to different spaces within the school, contact tracing technology is key for ensuring: 

  • No space becomes transmission hotspot due to crowding  
  • Most frequently used spaces are identified and continuously sanitised 
  • Students are displaying COVID-19 appropriate behaviour 

How does Aruba Contact Tracing technology work?  

Aruba Contact Tracing provides pinpoint accuracy by using proximity and location telemetry combined with advanced AI capabilities, allowing you to see exactly where interactions occurred and for how long.  

  1. Trident experts implement your new contact tracing solution built on Aruba technology. 
  1. Aruba access points listen for users, Wi-Fi devices, or Bluetooth tags. 
  1. Collected data is analysed by cloud-based apps using algorithms with AI/MC proximity models and displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard. 
  1. Staff are notified of a sick person on the premises. 
  1. Staff can quickly and easily sort contacts by number of minutes with the infected person and their proximity to the person (including exactly where it happened). 
  1. Based on the data, the team can decide who needs to get tested and isolate to slow the spread of infection. 

Using a robust network to support modern learning 

To support the proliferation of devices and data in today’s modern learning environments, your school also needs to have a robust network in place. This ensures all devices, admin systems and key applications are running smoothly for a seamless learning environment. 

Whether you already have an existing infrastructure that needs improvements or you want to build the whole online learning infrastructure from the ground up, our experts have you covered. Here’s how Trident’s Aruba network infrastructure can help empower your students, teachers and staff: 

  • Students can continue submitting assignments and assessments electronically to reduce contact 
  • Teachers can provide online feedback so that they don’t need to be in close physical  proximity when providing or receiving feedback 
  • Rigorous optimisation of school infrastructure and spaces can reduce high-touch activities and provide staggered classes 
  • Your school can continue to provide some level of remote learning to accommodate parents who cannot send their children to school 
  • Your teachers can quickly shift to remote learning when necessary to adapt to changing government guidelines and situations 
  • Quickly manage suspected or confirmed COVID cases so that it does not affect functioning of the school 

Do you want to learn more about meeting the demands of modern learning? Whether you have questions about contact tracing or building a secure and reliable infrastructure for your school, our experts are here to help. Learn more about our education solutions here or get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. 

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