Future-proofing your school network from future disruption

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As the technology around us rapidly evolves, it’s having a significant impact on how schools deliver education. Meeting the new demands of devices, applications and users—whether they’re students, staff or guests—is critical moving forward. That’s where a reliable network with strong security comes in, delivering always-on connectivity and a seamless user experience. 

To continue delivering improved learning experiences and outcomes and ensure continuity in the face of disruption, now is time to evaluate your current and planned network infrastructure, whether they are adequate for the future as you look ahead to 2022. 

How to handle the proliferation of devices on the network? 

The rapidly increasing amount of devices connecting to your school’s Wi-Fi network can result in a slow and unreliable connection. From mobile phones to tablets, laptops and gaming devices—your Wi-Fi needs to be able to handle the proliferation of connected devices. While previous Wi-Fi standards aren’t built for today’s traffic, built on Aruba latest technology, Wi-Fi 6 tackles it head-on using innovative technology. 

Aruba Wi-Fi 6 helps your school accommodate a wide variety of devices and applications without compromising on security, performance or speed. It delivers a better experience to your students, teachers and staff with: 

  • Better network performance 
  • Reduced latency for voice and video 
  • Faster applications 
  • Minimal website disruptions and delays 
  • Faster data transfer 
  • Reliable, high-quality streaming 

Create a safe and engaging environment with modern technology 

With cybercrimes rising during the pandemic, network administrators and IT managers need to take a zero-trust approach to secure school networks.  

Aruba built-in Zero-Trust and SASE security keep your network secure, wherever your students or teachers are working from. This technology is a key part of Aruba ESP and ensures best practices and controls are applied consistently across the network—within the school and remotely. That means your students and teachers can adapt quickly to changing circumstances by connecting securely from anywhere without compromising network security. 

This cutting-edge technology keeps your network safe over wired, wireless and WAN connections by: 

  • Providing full visibility into the network and devices connected to it 
  • Handling identity and access management 
  • Providing real-time monitoring of threats 
  • Monitoring the use of cloud-based tools 
  • Ensuring quick response time 

Do you want to provide a safe, secure and strong network and IT infrastructure to your students and teachers? As Aruba Gold partners, our team have the expertise to help you build and strengthen your network infrastructure across three fronts: 

  • Increased workload of devices 
  • Remote/hybrid learning 
  • Managing cybersecurity threats 

If you have questions or want to learn more, get in touch with our experts today. Our experts of network engineers can help your school integrate these solutions, so you can deliver the best learning outcome for your students.

To learn more about a unified infrastructure that can support a hybrid learning environment, delivers streamlined management and full visibility, and can fix problems before they happen, view our infographic here.

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