I.T. Infrastructure

We keep the heart of your business pumping


Your security problems? Gone. Whether it's an online or physical threat, we can offer everything from firewalls to video surveillance

Storage and Servers

More than just backing up your data. We can replicate your infrastructure and provide up to 99.9995% availability


Your business won’t work if it isn’t connected. We have a broad range of products to help you succeed

Continuity and DR

Trident can help you establish onsite solutions to ease your DR pain

Your I.T. Infrastructure, Our Specialty

No matter where you work – whether it is for a school, a health provider or any organisation – we know that your business is different. It is because you are different that you have different hardware and software requirements to other businesses, and we think that’s pretty great. But because you are different, we understand how hard it can be to find the right IT infrastructure for you, and your processes and efficiency can be impacted because of it. That’s not so great.  

But never fear! Trident is here to help. Our expert team have worked across a range of industries and business types designing hardware and software solutions for our customers. It is through this experience that we take the time to understand what makes you different and recommend the best solutions for your organisation.  

How our IT infrastructure
products can help you


Do more with less! Bring totally disparate systems together to provide your business with a single hyper-converged infrastructure delivering compute, storage, backup, replication and DR – all in one neat little package. 

At Trident, we are experienced in: 

Need some assurances on performance and capacity? Our technology leading vendors back up their solutions 100% and we make sure they stick to that promise. 

STORAGE & Servers

You’ve seen it hundreds of times before, that devastated person screaming at their computer screen as they realise all their hard work is gone. For good. Don’t be that person, and ensure your school or organisation is protecting its data and its systems through the correct use of storage and servers. 

At Trident, we are experienced in: 

And for additional peace of mind? We can replicate / mirror your infrastructure into a data centre to ensure up to 99.9995% availability. Not to toot our own horns, but that sounds pretty good to us. 

Infrastructure as a Service

As the line continues to blur between the data centre and the cloud, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? We have solutions for on-prem, hybrid and cloud that fit the way you want to use and pay for your IT infrastructure. 

At Trident, we are experienced in: 

Keep it live and keep it local by leveraging an Australian based technology partner using data centres located across Australia  

Continuity & DR

At Trident we never underestimate the importance of a business continuity plan. Your organisation never sleeps, and that should continue to be the case even when life has other plans. A solid business continuity plan is essential to making sure that happens, and we can assist you in the management in availability, capacity and service level.  

And just like we were harping on about at the top of the page, we can also provide your school or organisation with hardware and software solutions such as storage, backup and data recovery to make sure it keeps running.  

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