Protect Your Business From Cyber Security Threats With A Managed Firewall

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Whether it’s in the form of accounting software, CRMs, cloud storage, or unified comms, businesses like yours have a mountain of options to better support online activities. But as more and more businesses rely on these services, the risk of cyber attacks increase exponentially.

Cyber attacks pose a large threat to your business’ security. If hackers are able to breach your security and access your information, this can lead to the exposure of your IP and worse, your customers’ private information.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution available. We offer a Managed Firewall as part of our suite of Managed IT Services. Keep reading to learn whether your business is at risk of a cyber attack, and whether a Managed Firewall is the right solution for your operations.

What businesses are at risk of cyber attacks?

Australian businesses have some of the least secure networks in the APAC region, with 63% found to be susceptible to cyber attacks.1 This isn’t just large organisations we’re talking about, either. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are just as likely to be targeted by cyber criminals.

One of the biggest risks for many businesses (big or small) is that cyber security is often an after-thought once they’ve transitioned their systems to the cloud. Worse still, others that do conduct regular cyber threat assessments don’t do them thoroughly enough, meaning they’re actually still at risk.

This ultimately comes down to a lack of understanding. Many businesses believe it’s the responsibility of cloud service providers to prevent cyber attacks, and that a simple store-bought router will handle the rest of their potential security threats. While some cloud providers do offer rudimentary security, most routers don’t come with firewall protection – certainly not at a level that will prevent targeted cyber attacks.

Does this sound like your business? If you’re concerned you may be at risk, a Managed Firewall could help ease your worries.

Security benefits of a Managed Firewall

A Managed Firewall comes with a range of security benefits, including:


All it takes is a single computer on your network to be hit by a cyber attack. And once they’re in, your entire network is exposed! Thankfully, a Managed Firewall provides total visibility of every device connected to your network, preventing these target attacks and keeping your business safe from a range of security threats.

Access control

A Managed Firewall means you can apply restrictions to your network at a global level, taking into account all users and hardware. For customer-facing services, like your website, you can allow “open access” and only block specific IP addresses that you deem a potential threat.


It’s bad enough being at risk of cyber attacks, but can you imagine being at risk of litigation from your clients should their information be exposed? By taking advantage of a Managed Firewall service, you can ensure your business is compliant with data breach laws. This means you’re not only protecting your data, but your relationships with your clients too.

Virus protection

One of the key benefits of firewalls is the ability to detect and block malicious activity. Of course, this is only beneficial if you keep it updated with the latest antivirus software. That’s why a Managed Firewall is the best solution, as keeping it up-to-date is handled by your IT provider, meaning it won’t be something that your business lets slip.

Enterprise-grade security

Most importantly, a Managed Firewall provides your small to medium business with enterprise-grade level security, at an affordable price. Instead of employing a team of professionals to monitor your security in-house, you can work with a dedicated partner that understands your business security needs.

Supporting your business with all things IT

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your business IT requirements. Our Sky-Speed Internet, combined with our Managed IT services and unified communications solutions, ensure your business operates smoothly, efficiently – and securely. Speak with one of our specialists today to learn more.


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