Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Technology: Keeping your people safe the smart way

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As an aged care provider, you face an enormous level of responsibility for keeping people safe in the face of Covid-19. With residents, staff and visitors to keep track of, this can be extremely challenging. 

Trident’s Contract Tracing solution, built on Aruba’s market-leading network technology, can give you the network intelligence you need to put safety first. Importantly, it helps you track movements around your facilities, so you’re able to see which people intersected, and the exact location of the interaction. 
If anyone reports as sick, you can then pinpoint where this person went, and sort contacts according to their proximity. Heat-mapping can even help identify hot spots where people congregate, helping to optimise space usage and cleaning schedules. 
To find out more about this solution could work for your organisation, view the infographic here. 

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