The State of Play: Technology and Higher Education

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With COVID-19 accelerating the digital maturity of higher education institutions, many are embracing the latest technology to unlock better teaching, learning, innovation, and research outcomes. You can’t afford to be left behind. 

As international and local students return to campus, continue studying remotely, or adopt a hybrid learning approach, your staff need the tools to deliver next-generation learning. Education leaders are also looking at how technology can enhance competitive advantage by driving business innovation and improving stakeholder experience. 

Setting up state-of-the-art learning spaces such as labs, classrooms, and libraries is one way to achieve the campus of today and tomorrow. Equipping your faculty with technology that allows them to teach remotely, research, and collaborate is another. And when it comes to creating a campus for the connected world, your device strategy is critical. 

Are you ready to deliver a next-generation experience to your faculty and students? 

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