The True Cost Of Business I.T.

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There’s an old proverb about IT – good tech isn’t expensive, but bad tech is.

Okay, it might not actually be a proverb… but it is true.

Most businesses tend to deal with tech problems by throwing money at them. But you don’t need to be like most businesses and can avoid continually paying for upgrades and troubleshooting solutions by having the right tech to begin with.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact and it’s kind of a big deal. On average, offices spend $700 per user per month on IT. And globally, businesses spend 3.28% of their annual revenue on IT.

Poor tech is making your business poorer!

Need some buzzwords to help it sink in? When you invest in IT you should think about ‘Total Cost of Ownership’. Take a car for example – after buying the car itself, you need to pay license fees + insurance + services + repairs and so on and so forth. It seems cheap at first, but it quickly turns in to a complex and expensive beast, especially if you’ve bought a lemon!

The same applies to IT. Don’t kid yourself with cheap solutions that sound too good to be true, because calculating the TCO (buzzword, drink.) will make your bank balance and bottom line hurt further down the line. For IT, the TCO includes hardware and software purchases, management and support, communications, end-user expenses and the opportunity cost of downtime, training and other productivity losses.

Lost productivity

An employee spends 28% of their career distracted or interrupted. Sounds like a sick joke right? However, many recent studies point to IT being the main culprit. Poor IT hardware (think laptops, PCs, monitors & firewalls) and unreliable Internet cause on average 20 – 30 minutes a day for each employee in lost productivity respectively.

Tight budgets and limited expertise often keep small businesses from making effective IT decisions. Understanding hidden technology costs can be a real eye opener to reallocate budgets and manage IT budgets effectively.

Avoid the traps and start saving

Every organisation has different Internet, voice, hardware and IT support needs. That’s where we make things easy for you with a one-stop-shop approach for all your IT needs. Our local team can ditch the techy jargon, explain the best matches for you and your budget and bundle it all together. So ditch the bad tech and start saving!

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